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SAKAI KAISEN Shiro-ko Mizu Honyaki Yanagiba

  • $ 1,25000

These knives are made from Hitachi white #2 high carbon steel from top blacksmiths in Sakai.  All craftsmen involved in making these knives are certified Sakai knife makers called Dento Kougeishi.

This blade was forged by the famous blade smith Yoshikazu Ikeda.

300mm (11.8") Blade Length

Style:  Yanagiba

Knife Bevel:  Single Sided

Steel Type:  Carbon

Steel Material:  Shiro-ko (White #2), mizu honyaki (water quench)

Blade Hardness:  62-63 HRC

Classification:  Honkasumi

Finishing:  Mirror Polished Spine and Heel

Handle Material:  Magnolia Wood

Bolster Material:  Water Buffalo Horn (color varies)

Saya Cover:  Magnolia Saya Included

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