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How can I search for products on your store?
Please type in the item description in the search bar at the top of the webpage.

Why do most brand new Japanese knives come dull out of the box?
Most high quality knives sold in Japan are sharpened to about 70-80% sharp for a few reasons.  The knife looks nicer without any scratches on the blade surface.   Also, it is usually up to the buyer to sharpen the knife for the first time, as each end user has personal sharpening preferences.  If you would like the knife fully sharpened before shipping to you please let us know, as this service is free of charge.

Can I use a honing steel to sharpen my Japanese knives?
Yes and no.  You should not use a honing steel that comes with most European knife sets to hone/ sharpen single edged knives.  This is because the geometry of a single edged knife is very different than that of a western style knife.  You may, however, use a honing steel very gently to hone Japanese western style blades.  Make sure to use the same angle for honing that was used for whetstone sharpening.  In both cases it is best to use whetstones for honing and/ or sharpening for the best results.

Are the spine and heel of each knife rounded and smooth?
Yes, most of the knives feature a polished spine and heel (machi-kuri).  Because the spine and heel are usually mirror finished on the Sakai Kaisen knives and most CTS knives, the photographs show black or dark areas at the heel because of the shadowing.  Only kurouchi finished knives will have an unpolished spine and heel, but will not have a rough finish.

What if a product is out of stock?
Most knives that are out of stock should be available again soon.  Please inquire as to the availability of the product you would like to purchase.  If it is not on order for whatever reason, it usually takes only 4-6 weeks to re-order.

Do you charge extra for custom orders?
No, we do not charge extra for custom orders or to re-order a particular knife.  The only time a special order knife will cost more is if the options are upgraded such as a more expensive handle, different blade construction or mirror finishing, etc.

How long do custom orders take to deliver?
Custom orders usually take 4-6 weeks to fulfill for standard handle options and most kinds of blade options.  There are occasions where very special handles, sayas and/ or blades can take 3-6 months or much longer.  It all depends on which options are chosen but the majority of custom orders take around one month.  Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Can I design a truly custom knife to my specification?

Yes, you can draw or sketch the shape and style of a knife design and email us the image.  Our craftsmen in Japan will then custom forge and grind the blade to your specified dimensions.  The handle can be custom crafted to most any size or shape you would like as well.  You can choose the kind of steel and handle material to complete your knife along with custom engraving.  Please email for a quote and production time.