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SAKAI KAISEN Ginsan-ko Deba

  • $ 39900

These knives are made by a top blacksmith in Sakai, Osaka from Ginsan-ko (Silver #3) steel and are rust and stain resistant.  Ginsan-ko steel has 13% chromium and high carbon content which allows for easy maintenance and great cutting performance.  They take a great edge and are easy to sharpen and maintain.  All craftsmen involved in making these knives are certified Sakai knife makers called Dento Kougeishi.

Style:  Deba

Knife Bevel:  Single Sided

Steel Type:  Stain Resistant

Steel Material:  Ginsan-ko (Silver #3)

Blade Hardness:  61 HRC

Classification:  Honkasumi

Finishing:  Mirror Polished Spine and Heel

Handle Material:  Yew Wood

Bolster Material:  Water Buffalo Horn (color varies)

Saya Cover:  Magnolia Saya Included

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