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SAKAI KAISEN Ao-ko Black Nickel Damascus Kamagata Usuba 210mm

  • $ 5,00000

This is a one-of-a-kind hand-forged knife made in Sakai City, Osaka!  The craftsmen who made this knife are "Dento Kougeishi" who are government certified as the top knife makers.

This blade is forged with ao-ko (blue #2) Hitachi steel with a softer core of nickel and carbon steel damascus.  It is also referred to as "sumi-nagashi" pattern.  The blacksmith from Sakai who made this blade has long been retired so this is very special old stock!

The sharpener who polished the blade is one of the very best in Japan, also from Sakai.  The blade is mirror finished before being etched with a special solution to bring out the beautiful contrast between the nickel and carbon steel layers.

The handle is made from premium ebony wood, nickel silver spacers, buffalo horn and bone.  It was made by the top Handle maker in Sakai as a custom order.  This handle will only fit this particular blade because the handle is not glued, but custom fitted.  The small pin in the center of the handle can be removed allowing the handle to slide off like a katana sword.  This feature is called "mekugi".

The saya (wood sheath) is made from the same ebony wood.  It has a silver plaque inset on the backside for name engraving and a bone detail at the edge.  The indentations on the front are called "chinagashi" and are decorative.  This saya is also hand fitted to this blade only and does not require a pin to stay on the blade.  It fits relatively snuggly on the blade for a perfect fit.


This is an amazing example of a truly beautiful piece of functional art.  The best of the best from Sakai craftsmen who have spent a lifetime perfecting their craft!

Size:  210mm (8.2")
Blade length:  195mm
Blade thickness:  4mm -> 2.5mm
Handle length:  135mm
Overall length:  345mm

Style:  Kamagata Usuba

Knife Bevel:  Single Sided

Steel Type:  Carbon

Steel Material:  Ao-ko (Blue #2)

Blade Hardness:  64 HRC

Classification:  Honkasumi

Finishing:  Special Black Etching

Handle Material:  Custom Removable Ebony w/ Silver Rings

Bolster Material:  Water Buffalo Horn

Saya Cover:  Custom Ebony Saya Included

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