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Knife Sharpening & Repair
Double Bevel Knives - Small:  $5 / Large - $10+**
Single Bevel Knives - Small:  $10 / Large - $20+**
Major Chip Repair:  Quote

**Prices for sharpening vary depending on the condition and complexity of the knife.

Contact us for a complete estimate of services and shipping charge:

Knife Rehandle
We can replace Japanese style wood handles on western or single bevel knives.

Knife Engraving
Free hand engraving in Kanji or English characters with custom knife orders. Laser engraving is available for most knives and sayas for a small additional fee.

Knife Sharpening Demonstration
Learn how to sharpen your knives with a private knife sharpening demonstration at your restaurant, culinary school or home.  Sharpening knives using Japanese whetstones is the best way to achieve the perfect edge.  Enhance your sharpening skills to improve your knife's edge!

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